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Lester Francois is making a documentary about the global rise of indie game development, and it's being funded through Kickstarter.
How appropriate! It's called "Game Loading: Rise of the Indies", and MUZBOZ features amongst the cast of many!

Lester has been running around the world interviewing blossoming indie developers, the head of Unity, seasoned veterans of game development, and little guys like me, as well as many more.  

It's been fantastic to be a part of it, and this is just the beginning.  Lester has lots more filming and editing to do to finish this thing off!  I can't wait to see it.  :)

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Pulp Diction for iPhone & iPad

Games won't melt your brains...
They will destroy your world!

During the 1980's, pixelated invaders
took over the minds of millions of children.

Now they've broken loose in Melbourne city!

Armed with a skateboard and a magical synth,
only you can save the world from the 8-bit apocalypse!

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Rad Skater Apocalypse
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Available on the App Store